Weirdness from 2014

by Brooke Abbey

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released 03 February 2014




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Track Name: Imago
Ooan Nikanj you have always been careful G Cm
To have sons and daughters, not children like you G Bb G
I know it has pained you to channel our choices G Cm
I know because I have stood closest to oo G D G
oo Cm G
oo Cm G
And I love my mothers, and I love my fathers G Cm
But ooan Nikanj, I stand closest to oo G D G
Cm G
Humans are dangerous; I am part human
But danger must come for our race to renew
I could pretend to be sister or brother
But ooan Nikanj, we both know it's not true
For Yashi twists in me as it twists inside you - 
Ooan Nikanj, I stand closest to oo

Consensus was reached not to have construct ooloi
Not yet - and not now - and defer, and review
I know that my wildness and power are frightening
But I am here now; I can't wait for their cue
My metamorphoses won't be convenient
But ooan you know it's too late; I am oo
oo Cm G
oo Cm G
Ooan I am your ooeka,  G Cm
ooan I am oo. G Cm G
Track Name: Shut Up, Men Are Talking
My husband's been gone for a decade and counting D  G  A
This asshole sings to me "He's probably dead" D  G  A
And I've tried to be patient, but fuck all these suitors D  G  A
"Hey music boy, sing something cheerful instead!" D  A  D

Then you, darling son, who I've raised up to manhood Bm  D
From the wee child who would pee in the bed G  A
Said "Mother, go back to your loom and your distaff" Bm  D
Go weave, little woman, don't worry your head D  A  D

For men are here talking G  D
Your voice isn't welcome A  D
I'm sure that you women could not understand G  Bm  -  G
We'll explain it all later  G  D
If we're not too busy A  Bm
Go back to your weaving!  Sincerely, a man. D  A   D

Narcissus, you with your love of reflections D  G  A
Might actually love me just as I am now D  G  A
I'm waving my arms but you don't seem to notice D  G  A
And I can't call out; that has been disallowed D  A  D

See, Hera's sweet husband Zeus likes to go raping Bm D
But somehow it's my fault for talking too loud? G  A
So my voice has been stolen; all I have are Echoes Bm D
Like Io, I have been effectively cowed D  A  D

Men are here talking G  D
Your voice isn't welcome A  D
I'm sure that you women could not understand G  Bm   G
We'll explain it all later G  D
If we're not too busy A  Bm
Why don't you take notes, dear?  Sincerely, a man. D  A  D

It's not Ancient Greece, and I'm no nymph or goddess D  G  A
I'm real and I'm tired of quiet and nice D  G  A
But men saying "Shut up" aren't mythical either D  G  A
They have been with us always, like bedbugs and lice D  A  D

Women who speak up have always been silenced Bm D
And always we're paying the same stupid price G  A
We can say the same words with our mouths as a man can Bm D
But men won't be shouted down for their advice D  A  D

My stomach and heart aren't a king's; they're a woman's Bm D
They're stronger than any man's I've ever met G A
They have to be, for when my speaking is over Bm D
There's going to be booing and hissing and threats G A
It's not a man's nature I've borrowed to speak here D  G  A
But men, what I would like to borrow's your ears D  A  D

Because women are talking G  D
And fuck being welcome A  D
And fuck your explaining our lives to us dears G Bm  G
We're sick of your death threats G  D
And "We're Not All Like That"s A  Bm
Make space at the table and open your ears D  A  D
Make space at the table and open your ears D  A  D
Track Name: Lalala!!! theme song
Lalala!!! theme song

Am G#dim7 - Am
Am G E7 Am

Lalala!!! is a serious publication Am G#dim7 Am
Everybody knows that G
Exclamation marks Am
Add gravitas G#dim7
Or dental floss E7
Or hearing loss G#dim7
Or tomato sauce E7
Well anyway they must add SOMETHING E7 Am

Like... for instance... E7
Well I'm going to keep using them. E7 Am

Lalalalalala Enthusiasm! That was it.

In every issue I review a state
One that I've definitely
Been to as I
I wouldn't stoop to slander
I speak with perfect candour
I've been to Indiana!
Just maybe not Alaska

Did I review Alaska?


My readership is a puzzling demographic
Grandmothers and
capslock fetishists
Who've come to expect
Things that I reject
Amusing side effects
Assertions not fact-checked
And helpful diagrams

You know of roller coasters... candy... sandwiches...
Alcoholic beverages... HELPFUL STUFF.